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Success Story 
Predictive Maintenance

IIOT Smart Data Solution from ERBACH for real-time monitoring of cylinders in an industrial environment.

Predictive maintenance with cloud-based dashboard, configurable IO-Link sensors and cylinders, for which historical, current data and forecasts are graphically displayed in real time.

This means that any need for maintenance can be identified at an early stage, long before a failure occurs.



Industrial IO-Link sensors deliver measured values such as position, force, temperature or pressure to the cloud in real time via IO-Link master/gateway. This is where the preprocessing of the data, the evaluation, the calculation of parameters, the creation of forecasts and charts for visualization take place.

Erbach Smart Solutions has provided a complete solution.

A scalable cloud server was used for this. Access is via a web browser. The dashboard is freely configurable. A user concept ensures security.



With this innovative IIOT solution, all of our customer's appropriately equipped cylinders can be monitored worldwide - in real time.

Using special parameters and forecasts, any possible need for maintenance or a malfunction is identified early on. This means that any problems can be identified in advance and downtime is minimized. In this way, we make an important contribution to our customer’s market leadership.

> 98%   accuracy for predicting maintenance needs

Success Story
Marketing & HR Planning

Daily sales and visitor forecasts for furniture store chains with a Smart Data Solution from Erbach.

Our solution enables surprisingly precise predictions of visitors, customers and sales. This allows time- and target group-oriented measures to be carried out and the necessary personnel to be planned for each location on a daily basis.



The basis was historical data from the last few years with daily visitor numbers, sales by product group and information on marketing campaigns carried out with discount amounts and duration.
These have been enriched with local weather data, public holidays and school holidays.

Erbach Smart Solutions has used various analysis methods to demonstrate the effect of marketing campaigns on visitor numbers, daily sales and product groups sold. This makes it possible to evaluate the daily success.



Cockpit charts can be analyzed in our cloud-based Smart Data Center
and predictions can be configured for individual furniture stores and product groups and displayed for different user groups.

In the next step, the system can be supplemented with additional data sources and charts, e.g. comparing and taking into account competitor prices.

50-70%   Cost savings for marketing and employees

Success Story
Target group-oriented product development

Use of a Smart Data Solution from ERBACH in the chemical industry for the target group-oriented optimization of personal care products.

Fully automated data platform for accurate analysis of marketing, product and user data, enabling our client's business and management team to identify market trends and customer needs early and thus offer the right products at the right time.



Merging multiple data sources with different data formats in different languages and with many inconsistencies. Building an intelligent and fully automated data process engine for accurate data analysis.

Joint development with the customer's domain experts.

Real-time data analysis from data query and machine learning algorithms. Optimization of the data platform including database and data structure to enable real-time analysis and visualization.



Thanks to our support, the customer benefits from data-driven decision making and can now better understand their customers.

We have continuously worked with our customer to integrate additional data sources and implement more efficient data analysis with higher dimensions.

100%   Fully automated smart data platform


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