Our Range of Services

#1 Individual System Design To Achieve Your Business Target
#2 Digitalization Solution Design To Modernize Your Business Management
#3 Big Data And AI Design To Increase Your Operation Efficiency

Our Technical Competency

  • Advanced big data analytic & forecasting technology, machine learning algorithms design for supply chain and business excellence
  • Latest technology for software design on both backend and frontend (Database, Python/Java/C#, React Native, BlockChain with Etherium)
  • Strong integration capability of IoT system (mobile embedded system for data collection + backend data processing)
  • Flexible system deployment based on customer needs (SaaS, Public/Private Cloud, Server-Client)

Our Management

Project Management, Software Architects and Senior Consultants

  • Core team with 20+ year experience in software design area
  • Management of the multi-site international team for high efficient system development
  • SCRUM Agile software project management for on-time delivery with high quality
  • Germany based customer service and project management team ensure the best understanding of customer needs and delivery quality

Our Team – Your Success

System Engineering and UX Designer Teams

Our teams are located in both Europe and Asia, including system engineer, software developer, UX designer and testers, with rich experience in business software development, big data analysis and machine learning technologies. Every single associate has bachelor and master degree in software and IT related majors. We response fast to customer needs with the right setup in terms of technologies and team members.

Your Contact

Erbach Smart Solutions GmbH
Anett Erbach (General Manager)

Pfeiferstrasse 21/1
72622 Nürtingen / Germany
Tel.: +49 7022 9792575