SCM Analyzer: Intelligent Supply Chain Big Data Management.

Our standard solution which we are customizing according to your specific needs.

Motivation :

Globalization & digitization of the supply chain related with rising customer expectations regarding service quality, increasing complexity of processes and requirements, reduction of production, storage and delivery costs and integration of various SCM systems (CRM, ERP, TMS, ...) are challenging.

With our SCM Analyzer we provide interconnected supply chain services to increase accuracy, reduce operating costs and improve flexibility in responding to the end customers’ ever-changing demands. We call it “Intelligent Supply Chain Big Data Management”.

Solution: Intelligent Supply Chain Big Data Management
Integration of our SCM Analyzer requires no change to the existing operation process, it is just extension of customer infrastructure.

System Key Features :

  • Centralized  supply chain master data to break down information silos.
  • State-of-the-art Big Data Analytics including machine learning and forecasting algorithms.
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface, no knowledge of data analytics required.
  • Flexible system configuration: Deployment on cloud based web server with worldwide browser access, tailoring of import / export modules according customer needs.